HHKB Type-S - Loud Stabs?

Hey there! I recently finished a lube job on my HHKB Type-S (BT) with some good ol 205g0, but there’s one stab left ridiculously loud when compared to the other stabilized keys. For whatever reason, my left shift sounds unsilenced, despite having the ring firmly on there. My enter and spacebar do not suffer from the same issue - so what gives? When I have the time to open the thing up again, should I attack it with more 205g0 on the stabilizer, or what?

I’ve considered using band-aids to dampen the loud-ass upstroke but I don’t want to mess with the tactility to much. Any advice? Should I get some Christo or anything? Just wanna make this dumb board sound consistent!

Try adding just a tiny tiny dab of lube on these spots to help silence the upstroke. Most likely the flat plastic is hitting a part of the housing.


You might have to add a tiny bit to the outside edges as well

but don’t add much, as it can easily cause a sticky feeling as the lube can ‘suction’ in the space between the plastics


That is SUPER helpful, thank you! The stab wire is lubed with dielectric and Finish Line, and that’s helped, but giving it a good coat should make things better.