Hi All! I'm MaNiFeX and it looks like I've got a new home!


Hello World.

My name is MaNiFeX. I like keyboards and was one of the first clackers to host regular ‘city-wide’ keyboard meetups, which eventually became Portland Keyboard Club (/r/pdxkbc). I’ve also run a small group buy, Barebones Stormtrooper and look forward to running another some time in the near future.

I’ve given up on the endgame. My last build was a black on black EXENT and have a family of keyboards 1800 sized and down.

Glad to meet you,



Does ripster attend your meetups?


Giving up on endgame is the true path to sanity.

Giving up on sanity is the true path to endgame.


Instead we should all apply the Pokémon mantra.


Fully concur.


If he does, it is incognito! I’ve not met him myself, but he sends me things from time to time for give-aways!


Gotta catch 'em all!