Hi everyone, I am Buddha from JTK

Hi everyone,
I am Buddha from JTKeycaps. I am so excited to find another geeks forum.

JTKeycaps aspires to creating high-quality doubleshot keycaps for keyboard with flexible customization and reasonable price.

Hope JTK can help artists achieve their designs and make customers enjoy keycaps.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.

Best regards


hi buddha!

welcome :slight_smile:

welcome :wink:

I cant wait till more people use JTK my wallet gets all happy

Glad to see you here!

wow hello bro ,nice to meet you here.

Hello! Any plans to support any ISO layouts in the future?

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If there is such a big demand, we will add ISO layouts.
Such as ICON modifier, we will support ICON modifer in the futuer.


Yes, there is a demand!

ok we will consider this in the following plan.