Hi everyone! I am Funnycolorsman92 (Funny for short)

I have been a lurker on Geekhack, and Deskthority for about 2 years now, participating in polls and the occasional GB for something I found interesting. I fell in love with the community after watching Taehatypes build a TGR alice. I knew from that point that I had to invest into this hobby and I built my first custom board, a KBDfans Tofu 65% with lubed Holy Pandas and pbt BOW. The Keen eyed among you will notice that I am also a bit of an audiophile. I am fairly new to that hobby as well and I have to say that the setup was WORTH IT! I have submitted an IC on Geekhack and Deskthority for a “Funny” idea, and hopefully after my introduction I will be able to post it here for everyone to see as well! I am also a bit of an Alps fan with a few awesome builds I am working on, just waiting for some parts to arrive.


Welcome, Funny! I look forward to seeing both your Alps projects and your interest check. I’m quite the fan of that BOW set myself. How are you liking the Pandas?

To be totally honest, I love them to death. The problem is they needed a lot of work to get them to the point where they were perfect. First I have revision 2 Holy Pandas from drop, so not the first GB but the second with where they were slightly retooled. The factory lube was the first thing to come off with an ultrasonic cleaner and some isopropyl alcohol. Next was relubing with Tribosys 3204 and spring swapping to 67g gold plated springs. After all of that I can finally say that they feel Really smooth and really tactile.


Welcome. Another new guy here. You’re inspiring me to up my switch game!

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Glad to see it! The switch game is getting pretty awesome now, Modding switches is all part of the fun. The DIY nature of this hobby is what drew me to it in the first place, it has been a pretty fun progression going from lego as a kid, to custom built computers, to custom built keyboards, and eventually (hopefully soon) to custom built cars!

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