Hi everyone, I’m Chrismas!

Hi Keebtalk community,

I’ve been a Mech Keyboard enthusiast since 2012 when I got a CM Storm Rapid Fire TKL with Cherry Reds, then found r/mk when looking for more keyboards. I was really into keycaps after that and got my first custom set of Modern Selectric. While I was in college I got into small keyboard and made an OLKB Planck with Cherry Clears and tactile switches quickly became my favorite. The Planck is now the keyboard I use everyday at work as a IT Tech, because it is so small and portable I can use it anywhere. Last year I bought a Drop CTRL with Halo Clears for my desktop PC. Recently starting watching Taeha Types and am now looking into modding my keyboards.



My dad uses almost the exact same Cooler Master, but with browns - I was really impressed with the typing quality for a brand I previously knew for internal PC components. How are you liking those Halo Clears?

I like them better than cherry clears. The bump feels a little bit more pronounced to me. Going to line them as soon as I have the time.

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Cooler masters are solid, they were go to recommendations for a while and of course the novatouch was legendary. Maybe it’s just because I had one of their cheap cases thy kinda sucked, but I tend to think of them as a lower end PC parts brand whereas their keyboards are definitely solid mid range


If you like a big bump maybe holy pandas are worth checking out if you haven’t already


I have been considering it. I was thinking about swapping my Cherry Clears on Planck for either Holy Pandas or Zilents.

Zilents are v nice too, I did boards with both and found I liked the zilents better

For work, Zilents would be the best. Gotta get a sample pack and check them out.