Hi everyone, I'm cerata

Real name is Harrison (he/him), I live in Sydney with my partner and two cats. I figured after a few years of being interested in mechanical keyboards I should actually join a like-minded community :wink:

My main interests within the hobby are:

  • custom PCB design and handwired builds. I’m learning a bit of KiCAD, nothing to show off yet though.
  • split/ergo designs and other forms of disability accommodation, e.g. ARTSEY.
  • alternative glyph layouts e.g. Dvorak, Colemak; keyboards (historical and new) with glyphs/keycodes not present on standard English ANSI/ISO boards
  • facilitating right-to-repair. My soldering skills are kinda rubbish, but I’m slowly getting better :S

That said, my daily driver is still just a typical 104-key QWERTY board. Though I do have a Sofle that I’m messing around with, and I think I’ll try switching to Colemak DH soon.

Looking forward to fun discussions, maybe even an in-person meetup.



What’s up man, welcome to KT! Sounds like you found the right place with your list of interests in the hobby. Personally I have yet to dive into the split/ergo world beyond Alice layouts, but we have a few people here that are really into the split/ergo boards & some 40s peeps too. I have been wanting to build one of those crazy smaller split builds like the Sofle for awhile though. With someone else here diving into those types of builds it might be the push I needed to jump in myself also! Those are definitely builds that will up your solder game too. You might also want to look into cheaper kits like the “practice” series of boards from Cannonkeys to get a better handle on soldering. Anyways glad you found your way here & look forward to seeing what you get into with this hobby!

Howdy :+1:



Hello and welcome! I look forward to seeing some of your projects. :slight_smile:

but what about Dvorak

edit: for some reason my brain didn’t register the part about alternative layouts including Dvorak lol

Welcome to the Keebtalk!

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