Hi everyone, I'm Debo

Hi everyone,

I’m Mark but I often go online by the name of debo (+ n underscores in the front of it if unavailable), I’m based in London, UK and after some time spent with my lovely input club k-type purchased mostly “off the shelf” from their drop back few years ago I feel like it’s time form me to step up my game and enter the proper adult and geekier phase of my mechanical keyboard experience. I hope to find help and curious informations here in the community in order to put my hands to my next and ideal piece of hardware.

So thanks in advance for the help I’ll receive.



Hey, welcome to keebtalk! There’s a lot of people here who can probably answer just about any questions you have. What sort of keyboard are you in the market for?(just saw your separate post whoops) Is your name a friday reference?

Hi @dwarflemur and thanks for the warm welcome. The answer is no; I do get asked that by people every now and then (those who watched the film of course), but the nick actually comes from the first 4 letters of my surname, since the age of 5 people started to call me that way and it sticked.

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Ahoy and welcome! The great thing about that K-type is that it lets you try new switches before a build - I use my CTRL for that.

Yes it is indeed, especially now that you made me think about it :smiley:

Isn’t the CTRL and the ALT from drop the same keyboard as the k-type by the way?

It sure is - alongside the Hexgears Dawn & Dusk, they all use the same open-source design. There are some differences in the PCBs and firmware, but physically they are nearly identical.

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Yeah, I remember all the problems input club had with massdrop with the patents and such, and the fact now massdrop produces their own is a consequence of that debacle. Sad memories.