Hi everyone! Im Mark from PH

Im interested to know more on the custom keyboard and the topic of designing one.
Im quite new to the community but I have my first mechanical keyboard (Razer Blackwidow) way back 6 years ago. And I been using it for most games on a pc.

Now since I found out the flexibility of having a bluetooth and wired options for some keyboard.
My interest grow back and I want to know more…

Stay safe everyone!


Stay safe and welcome to Keebtalk!

What’s your favorite keyboard you’ve seen in the community so far?


Hello and welcome!

I’ve said it before because it’s true; you’ve come to the right place. Global craziness aside, this is also a great time to get into the hobby, with more and more interesting options available now than ever before. Wireless and/or Bluetooth functionality is also becoming more common on mechanical keyboards, and is even available on some customs.

Are there any particular layouts or board sizes that interest you?


Welcome to this dope community! Glad to see more and more people join everyday.

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Wow! Im one of your subscriber sir!

Even though I have never seen one personally but I have been lurking on those RAMA and Norbauer creations. Their attention on details are inspiring and I believe the community see that too. Given all of their works can easily sold out in just hours of releasing it. :smile:

Hello sir! :slight_smile:

Well said! For layouts I love to have a custom build of 65% and 75% layout. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the warm welcome! :slight_smile: