Hi from Mode Designs!

Hey Folks,

I’m Jaicob from Mode. I got started in this hobby almost five years ago after stumbling across the WhiteFox keyboard. I was thrilled to have found something I use everyday that I could nerd out about, and as many of us have, quickly found a new appreciation for the role keyboards play in our world. From there, down the rabbit hole I went.

Fast forward to just over a year ago, the right pieces fell into place to start Mode. Our goal was not only to create a great keyboard, but also to see where we could push things forward in terms of offering in-stock products and putting a strong focus on making sure everyone has a positive experience buying/owning a Mode keyboard. I’m excited to share more about what we’re working on (we do have a website but I can’t post links yet) and looking forward to hanging out with you all here!



welcome to the keebtalk community. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

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Here you go:


Welcome! Coincidentally I just purchased one of your TKLs today and am looking forward to seeing in person :slightly_smiling_face:

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i have to say, the boards on your site look delicious. dangerously so, i shouldn’t buy another keyboard. i don’t need another keyboard.

…it sure does look nice tough.

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I’m curious about the die-extrusion process for the top case. Why did you decide to go this route for the manufacturing vs. typical CNC routing? Pros and cons?

Hi! I was only 1 number away from winning the giveaway! lol

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Obzkure on our discord could give a better answer, but the gist of it is that extrusion gets us the approximate shape of the board and then the rest is CNC’d the idea being we save on CNC time.

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Interesting. I wonder if this will be more widely adopted by keyboard manufacturers. Saving CNC time must be a big deal.