Hi guys

Hi guys, Alberto from Italy here :smile:
I have lurked on keebtalk from his creation but I only just created an account (yes I am little lazy) to reply to some threads, I really love the “science” discussions here.
If you have other questions ask them and I will reply (soon TM), introductions has never been my forte ;).


Benvenuto! Well, officially anyway. I think the “science/experimentation” discussions are the best part of this forum myself – it’s good to have an additional voice in the pursuit of keeb perfection.


Welcome - glad to have you here.

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Welcome welcome!

Favorite keyboard, switch, and layout? -

So do I and we need more! :smiley:

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  • Keyboard -> HHKB
  • Switch -> Topre
  • Layout -> HHKB

I probably own too much keyboards but I always return to my HHKBs :smile:.