HI guys!

HI guys.
I’m John and new to keeptalk. I saw some youtube videos aobut keyboard sound video(?) on my recommendation and totally into custom keyboard. So that day i bought cheap mechanical keyboard on amazon and lubbed it. Totally love the sound. I just ordered Tealios V2 to make my first fully custom keyboard. But I can’t find place to buy pcb, housing, etc … I think i can get some help from youguys.
I’m really look forward to it!!


Were do you live and what size of keeb are you looking for?

Hello hello! This is a great place to learn and hear about new available stuff. Have you decided on a layout / form-factor for your custom build?

I ordered 70 switches so im thinking 65%
other things not decided yet :confused:

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There will be a lot of OOS products & shipping will take longer than normal due to covid, but KBDfans would be the place I’d recommend to look for parts right now. I’d also recommend trying to go with something that has a hotswap PCB if possible since it sounds like you just got into the hobby & will probably be trying switches like crazy LOL!

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I would also suggest taking a look at mechanicalkeyboards.com since they have a lot of KBDfans keycaps, PCBs, and cases in stock and ship from Tennessee.


Oh yeah good point! Probably better to order from them if you’re in the the US OP.

thanks guys :wink: