Hi, I am MarbleK

My story is similar to others, 1 year and half ago I was doing a job that required a lot of typing.
I saw some posts about mechanical keyboards on Reddit and I fell in the trap !
I first got a Ducky keyboard with brown switches, I loved the change from mushy Logitech keyboard but did not enjoy the keycaps, the edges were too sharp for me.
Therefore, I built my first keyboard, a TADA68 with XDA Canva caps, Hako Violet and it has been my daily since.
I also built a 60% with T1 and SA keycaps for home.

Now, I live in Taiwan, where we have an important stone and marble industry. So I am working hard to bring such materials (mostly marble) to the hobby of “mech keyboards”, whereas my name “MarbleK”.

I started by producing some marble wrist rests (currently have a GB open) and I am working on the prototype of a marble case. Hope it will all work out !

Nice to meet Keebtalk !


If you could make a marble keyboard, that would be really appreciated! We had a Corian board, a while ago, but it ran into a boatload of manufacturing issues.

Yes, I saw the Corian GB a long time ago. After checking the updates, it seems they may still be able to make it.
On my side, I have been working with the same manufacturer since beginning of the year and I can meet him when I need, so I am rather confident. The most difficult being the technical limitations and manufacturing as sculpting a stone is not the same as putting a block of aluminum in a CNC machine :confused: