Hi, I am matrixzj


I am matrixzj, a HHKB layout player from China :slight_smile: Just drop in this hobby around 2 years. Since my daily is living with keyboard, I found that GMK is very easy to be shinning even only 1 month lifetime for me. So now I am only playing with SP SA profile.

And another amazing thing would bring to the community is keycap info gh page I maintained: matrixzj/github/io (please replace / with . )

Glad to be here !


Welcome! Thanks for maintaining a resource like that!

Welcome to keebtalk!

Have you tried the new SA-P caps from SP? I’m guessing they would never shine. I’m waiting for SP to release their “snow caps” (black on white) to pick up a set. I own the original “Industrial” set, so I didn’t want to get that one in the new material.

Glad to be helpful

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tot yet. Is it released ? will have a try on it

Here’s their new tooling for sublimated PBT in SA profile. This is all new tooling in a fully sculpted profile.

It looks so much better than their previous PBT sets. Thicker walls, better texture, less shrinkage.

I know they will soon release a black on white set as well.

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huān yíng huān yíng