Hi, I am Phillip

I just got introduced to mechanical keyboard as a result of trying to search for a better keyboard for typing since I am doing some transcription from time to time. That was when I found out about mechanical keyboards. Since then, I have been reading so much about mechanical keyboards and mechanical keyboard switches. Today, I ordered a mechanical keyboard :slight_smile:


Welcome welcome!

What keyboard did you order? :slight_smile:

Also, never be scared to ask questions, we’re all here to help out and have fun :smiley:

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I like keyboards, you like keyboards, we gon be aight


I ordered a 60% Vortex series VX5 mechanical keyboard:

White model with Outemu red linear switches for only 26 USD

Thanks for the hospitality :smile:

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Hi Phil,


Never heard of that model. But then again, I did not immediately notice that “Vortex Series” and “Vortex Gear” are not the same company. (And I had the latter in mind. So I actually never heard of that brand before.)

Sounds like a good value for money, at least on a first glance. Would be curious how well it turns out. Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

The keyboard arrived yesterday and have been playing with it a lot since then :smiley: The case seems to be made by both plastic and metal. My first impression was that the keyboard was fairly heavy to be worth 26 USD. I was expecting a 100% plastic case. The casing felt much more premium than the plastic housing of my Lenovo Idepad130 :laughing:

Included was one extra Outemu red switch together with a black plastic keycaps puller (which shouldn’t be allowed to exist. It left black marks on my keycap. See below) and a switch puller. One fairly good USB micro cable was also included.

Left side profile of the keyboard: One can see that the left shift key is slightly elevated. This occurs at several places on the keyboard. After closer inspection, it seems that the switches are not mounted properly (the switch housing base is not completely depressed unto the switch plate).

The black plastic puller left marks on my keycaps when I used it :sob:

Close up picture of the keycaps. One can see imperfections at the base of the “esc” keycap.

The keyboard with RGB lighting. For some reason, the windows key and the shift key is not illuminated by design. The in-house firmware couldn’t change this design issue. These keys only lit up when engaged (which I don’t like). Still, since this is my first RGB keyboard, I was playing around with the colors a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Putting all the imperfections aside, I still like this keyboard. This keyboard is definitely leaps and bounds better than my laptop keyboard with scissor switches. The biggest difference is the smoothness of typing on this keyboard compared to typing on my laptop keyboard.

Next step is that I will try to correct the elevated switches after the better keycaps puller will arrive in the mailbox. I will also see if the PCB has a microcontroller which is compatible with some other firmware. Maybe also buy compatible tactile switches :star_struck:

Oh, so this keyboard is even hotswap?!?

Hmmm, wondering which plastic was softer: The keycap’s or the puller’s? I suspect the puller. So just try to remove the keycap (maybe with a different keycap puller :wink:) and rub on the black marks on the keycap with your finger, maybe with some spit, too.

Yes, but it seems to be using the cheaper sockets since the extra switch came with round pins (see below).

Will definitely try that out :slight_smile: