Hi I’m Jae (aka nojjers/Jon flynn/Hyper7 guy)

Hi folks

Some of your may already know me, others probably won’t. I’m an extensive keyboard collector (read:hoarder) from the UK, and have been active in the community for a couple of years.

I’m one of those annoying guys that has a different username for each platform - jae-3soteric on here and discord, /u/nojjers on reddit and Jon_flynn on GH. Stupid I know, cos as a product owner irl I hate fragmentation…

Anyway, I think I’m most known for the Hyper 7 build, and my silly joke titled posts of pictures on reddit - as well as the ongoing GB for H7 pcbs and plates.

Brb, need to go write some user stories on fixing my naming convention…


You’re up early

5am on weekdays. Early bird finds the coffee or something

UK hoard scener checking in.

Trust Jae to make a PM joke.

@ChrisSwires Project Managers amirite

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faxe is here as well :slight_smile: Day is now complete!!

Also, ping me as I need to use your services again!!

no, no, no, I don’t Hoard I collect…

Step one is accepting we have a problem.

that sounds like that weird alcohol thing you made me go to all over again


Oh god, @duynguyenle is here. Bail out everyone

Rip forum


What are you even doing here, you’re not even in MKUK Discord anymore

Pls come back

MKUK is dead. Long live the Jaeground

I seem to be missing an invite, I looked everywhere…

As an apprentice Project manager, teach me please.

Also nice collection, both cars and keebs.

Sounds awfully secret…