Hi, I’m Mike from NovelKeys

Thanks @notG10


I like your continued innovation, and well, deskmats.

Also gimmie novelpro and that very special linear you are working on :wink:

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His deskmats are starting to cause problems for a lot of people, how do you store them all?!

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@mgsickler you’re responsible for this!


I need one of those so bad. I have so many switches now!

Also, my current 3D printed cases are 333mm on the largest axis, so they don’t fit on most current home 3D printers - but in a few months I may try to open source some designs or non-commercial license them.


Yeah, I am sure they would never fit the Prusa, is there any solution to printing split cases and attaching them afterwards? Sorry if that sounds super basic, but I still didn’t even assembled the kit, so I’m a complete n00b on those things.

That is very nice of you. I think I will buy one of your cases to support all this amazing work you are doing. Thanks!

I always print the Stanford Bunny as my first test print on a new printer.

I’ve thought about dovetailing a two-piece case, but I need to research CAD design more to see how that might work.

This is Ziptyze work (with 60% cases) on Thingiverse, I think he swapped from 3D printing to focus on design work and PCBs

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Thank you so much for all the tips!

Put them all over your wall. :wink:

I think I’ve got 3 of your deskmats coming in around September :slight_smile:

Mike, when are you going to do a silent tactile box switch? :grin:


Love you Mike. Thank you for all your work making the community amazing.


This would be endgame. Silent Royals? YES!

I thought you were only going to have one board?:thinking:

I might want to have something with functioning underglow eventually.

Maybe around late October if possible. :slight_smile:

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Ooooo…that’s my birthday month. I know what I’m asking for.

Welcome Mike! Been meaning to pick up one of your big ass keys. Glad to see you here.

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Oh hell yeah.