Hi, I’m Mike from NovelKeys


Hi everyone. I’m Mike. I, alongside my business partner Corey, run NovelKeys.

I should be pretty active here. :slight_smile:


hey mike :keyboard: :boxing_glove: :motor_boat:


Hi Mike! I’ll follow you here too :slight_smile:


Oh hey it is that weird boy with all the switches. He’s so nice.


Mike is the coolest dude.


Mike is one of the main reasons I am poor.


Happy to have you, my dude!


the man with the plan… for switches… and stuff…


Hey Mike! Nice meeting you at Keycon :slight_smile:


Welcome Mike :smile:


Good to see you here!


Nice to see people I recognize joining this forum =)


Thank you for everything you do, Mike. You make it easy to try it all, which is an incredible service to the community. Can’t wait to buy that new keycap profile you’re working on! The prototypes looked good and felt good. I probably won’t build another board until they come out.


Hi Mike!


What’s up Mike, glad to see you here!


heyoo! welcome mike




I’m still working on scaling up 3D printed case plans!

I have the large format printer running now (only three self-repairs in the last few months, so it’s pretty reliable), but I’m also working with some numbers to see about scaling up so I can do group buys, vendor sales, and possibly custom or color match cases for special occasions (think having a keycap profile in a colorway with a custom case to match or compliment the custom colorway). :smile_cat:


Hey @keyboardbellewhich cases are you printing? Are those public domain projects or something you developed your own? I just acquired a Prusa i3 mk3 and I am looking for cool cases/plates/keyboard models to print.



These: Keyboardbelle Iconic Case - 3D Printed 60% Keyboard Cases