Hi, I'm 83282

Hey guys, I’m 83282!
I’ve been lurking around keebtalk, geekhack, and reddit. Never got around to introducing myself.
I’m from the south bay but since I am a college student I am in the Sacramento area now.
I started getting into mechanical keyboards May of 2017 and I am still in love :slight_smile: I started by getting a EEPW84 with outemu ice, minivan r3 with zealios, and 45g hhkb. But now I gave my EEPW84 to my brother and sold my minivan.
Right now I am working on E6-V2 with vint blacks and AEK 64 with orange alps. But I kinda got screwed and can’t get lube right now so I can’t really do much right now. I have GMK sets (naut + 9009) and XDA godspeed right now so if you guys have any recommendation boards hit me up!


Sounds like you just dove right into the scene! Welcome here!

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