Hi, I'm Aidan

After lurking on r/mk, GH and Deskthority for a while I’ve decided to join here too. If you’re in the EU you might’ve met me at the Cologne meetup, and I plan on going to the next UK meetup since I only discovered the last one too late. I like (almost) anything Alps. My daily driver is either a 60% w/ Arrows and 3203’d FEI Switches, a Banggood 60% with Box Navies(my first build, originally with Outemu Blacks) or one of my 2 alu Arisu with either lubed YOK Pandas or Massdrop Holy Pandas (once I finally lube the Massdrop ones, have had the Board sitting around for a while). I’m not into Artisans(yet) but maybe you guys can change my mind.


Hi Aidan, welcome here!
I’m also not into artisans. Please don’t change my mind.