Hi, im astro

Hi im astro I started out with a cheap build kit from 1up and have since then moved on to two tofu builds, minivan and a monstar gear tkl. Right now I’m in the market for a real premium case. Hopefully, I can score a gb raffle ticket for one down the line


Hello Astro, welcome to the community !

It is normal to make decision mistakes, everybody did theirs at the beginning.
You will better know what you’ll want when your wallet will be empty :smiley:

Yes this forum is much more readable than the others and this is why I stay here most of the time.

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LOL. You get old enough, and that particular issue doesn’t exist, first of all because you remember when everything was clicky, and secondly, your hearing isn’t so acute any more. When I demo my boards to people in my age range, they home in on the Box Navies every time.

You have to remember, the old IBM beam spring boards had a solenoid to reinforce the natural click, and there were other boards that included an internal piezo emitter to beep on key presses.

This whole “thou shalt not annoy your neighbor” thing is pretty funny if you recall office environments of the 70s and earlier. A print shop from that era would require hearing protection. But, yeah, anyway…Box Jade is a great choice for personal satisfaction, so good on you. You’re not wrong, society is what it is.


I also distinctly miss having even tiny walls around my desk that somewhat helped reduce the sound from my keyboard to others (and from the rest of the office to me). I know it’s not hip and cool or whatever, but I miss the offices I worked in prior to the whole open office thing: put me in a box again, please!


I don’t miss leaded gasoline, smoking everywhere all the time, shag carpeting, avocado Formica, or wicker. But I do kind of miss shaggy hair, bell bottoms, soda in returnable glass bottles, and Selectric typewriters.

Sorry to digress.