Hi, im astro

Hi im a senior cs student from NY and have lurked the mk subreddit for about a year and a few months ago decided I really wanted to buy a mk. At first, I disliked clicky switches a lot and thought to myself “I, a grown-up would NEVER buy something so annoying!”. I thought I was patrician for wanting quiet tactile switches instead of the popular clickys :face_with_monocle::rofl:. It’s funny bc I think the clicky switches was what pushed me down the rabbit hole. They grew on me out of no where :exploding_head::flushed:! I felt like what’s the point of having a boring quiet board at home where I could only annoy myself and no one else :thinking:. The loudness of the clicky switch will make me feel and sound productive lol :woman_technologist:t4:. So I spent weeks obsessively watching sound test vids on youtube of switches and here I am now :tipping_hand_woman:t4:.

I bought my first keeb a few weeks ago and made some noob mistakes :expressionless:. I went with a low profile aluminum case it’s okay :neutral_face: but I wish I would have just bought a tofu instead :upside_down_face:. I also purchased a cheap 9009 dsa key set off amazon (The profile feels tiny on my finger tips I don’t really like it :woozy_face: and a 1up HSE pcb, this pcb is cool and I plan to keep it and use it in an acrylic case one day to get the full rgb experience of the underglow :sunglasses: but I didn’t understand pcb layouts at the time so I got a standard 60% ANSI and now I really miss my arrow keys :pleading_face:. Layers are neat but a hassle. Last but not least I bought the wrong stabs!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::weary: In true noob fashion :sob:. The one thing I got right and have 0 regret about are my box jade switches :star_struck:. I LOVE them! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love pretending I’m being productive while using them :joy:

So while these missteps have been kinda frustrating I’m still excited to get things right :ok_hand:t4:. Plan to buy a tofu case this week and I’m already in 2 GMK keycaps gb’s :money_mouth_face: lol. I’m hoping my current keeb can hold me over until I can get a really NICE build :star_struck:. Currently on the market for a TKL or 75% :sunglasses:.

I impulsively bought a minivan for travel/school and I think I will like it bc it’ll have the arrows that I so dearly miss :relieved:. I bought zealios v2 67g switches for them. I want to lube them and make them sm0o0th :stuck_out_tongue:.

I love the design of this website! It’s SOOOO clean compared to geekhack/desk authority. The navigation is seamless and I feel like I’m in 2050 when I’m on here. I really like the badge system and how it tracks user activity. I want to do front end web dev once I graduate but would like to be full-stack one day and the aesthetic of the site is oddly inspiring and makes me want to program and start another side project I wont finish :sob::sweat_smile:.

So yeah that’s it for keebs… other stuff I like is skateboarding, snowboarding and cherishing my fleeting youth.


Hello Astro, welcome to the community !

It is normal to make decision mistakes, everybody did theirs at the beginning.
You will better know what you’ll want when your wallet will be empty :smiley:

Yes this forum is much more readable than the others and this is why I stay here most of the time.

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LOL. You get old enough, and that particular issue doesn’t exist, first of all because you remember when everything was clicky, and secondly, your hearing isn’t so acute any more. When I demo my boards to people in my age range, they home in on the Box Navies every time.

You have to remember, the old IBM beam spring boards had a solenoid to reinforce the natural click, and there were other boards that included an internal piezo emitter to beep on key presses.

This whole “thou shalt not annoy your neighbor” thing is pretty funny if you recall office environments of the 70s and earlier. A print shop from that era would require hearing protection. But, yeah, anyway…Box Jade is a great choice for personal satisfaction, so good on you. You’re not wrong, society is what it is.


I also distinctly miss having even tiny walls around my desk that somewhat helped reduce the sound from my keyboard to others (and from the rest of the office to me). I know it’s not hip and cool or whatever, but I miss the offices I worked in prior to the whole open office thing: put me in a box again, please!


I don’t miss leaded gasoline, smoking everywhere all the time, shag carpeting, avocado Formica, or wicker. But I do kind of miss shaggy hair, bell bottoms, soda in returnable glass bottles, and Selectric typewriters.

Sorry to digress.