Hi, I'm brainandforce

Some of you may have met me at the San Diego meetup that was held last month - I helped organize that. Or at one of our smaller local meetups (yes, we have those, inquire if you’re interested!).

I currently own four boards: my daily driver is a Unicomp EnduraPro, my travel board is a Tecware Phantom 87 (with Tai Hao keycaps), and I also have a GMMK with a mess of switches as well as a cop keyboard with the rubber domes removed. I’ve bit the Model M bug and I’d like to acquire another at some point (or a Unicomp) as a project board. Oh, and White Alps are superior to Blue Alps, fite me.

Some more info about me: I’m a chem major at UCSD, graduating this winter, and I also like old hardware and computers. I can’t program for shit but I’d love to learn, and I listen to both Estonian folk metal and microtonal drum n’ bass.

Hey @brainandforce! Good chatting with you at the SD meetup. Looking forward to the next one.

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