Hi I'm brenbread

Hey everyone, I’m brenbread (or you can just call me Bren that’s fine too).

I’ve been using mechanical keyboards for many years now and mostly been lurking this whole time. Got a Corsair K90 as my first board around 2012, then a couple years later got a Ducky Shine 3 (Cherry MX Reds) and a little bit after a Poker II (Cherry MX Browns).

Today I’m running with this Vortex Race 3 (Cherry MX Clears) + this cable from WoodCables and loving it a ton so far.

I’m also down to try more new things now and looking into doing a 75% or 60% build later in the year since I’m a lot more confident with my soldering skills now lol.

I also recently bought a 70x pack of Zealios 67g v2 with the intention of sticking it in my old Poker II but then I was talked into just saving it for a better build. In retrospect I should’ve went for a switch tester instead but I love how it feels already!

Hoping to get more involved with the community soon as well :blush:


Welcome welcome!

Can’t wait to see your rebuild if your Poker II. That’s such a classic keyboard in our community at this point :ok_hand:


are you the brenbread that used to stream osu?

Yeah definitely. Still debating if I should go with the zealios 67g v2 or go with a different switch I’m not a fan of mx browns anymore.

Also on a lookout for a good aluminum case for it as well :eyes:

That’s me lol. It’s been a hot minute since I played and don’t intend on going back but I’m still in contact with a few cool people from the community.

holy shit it’s your stream that got me interested in a mechanical keyboard. hope to see your future builds!