Hi, I'm Bryan

Hey folks. I’m Bryan (bcbishop on GH, /mk, and elsewhere). I guess I first got into this hobby about 10 years ago, when I went on a hunt for an AEKII because I missed the one I had in college so much. That eventually died down, until I saw a Leopold my boss had picked up. That led me to a Leopold FC660m, which kicked off a trek through different keycap profiles and sets, and eventually leading me to my first proper build, a CA66 with 67g Zilents.

Of course, I’m still trying to figure out the exact right keycaps to pair with the board… but I imagine that search will be ongoing until the end of time. :slight_smile:

Great story! What color is your CA66?

@PyroL The grey — which I’ve actually found a little tough to pair with caps, to be honest! My original intention was to go with the silver/white, but was a little unsure how the finished product would look given that it seemed to vary in pictures. (Loved the look when it appeared more white; less so when it read as straight-up silver.) They grey is gorgeous – but also a liiiiitle bit darker than I expected.

Currently have Oblivion Hagoromo/Monochrome on it, but will be trying regular Oblivion whenever I can land a set. If you have any suggestions, please lmk!

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