Hi, I'm dwarflemur

Hi there, I’m dwarflemur (you can find me under the same name on geekhack and reddit). I’ve been into the keyboards thing for a while, I’ve got a pretty good collection going. My favorites right now are an ALF X2 with box jades and GMK Yuri that I use that at home, and a Camp C225 with Hako trues and XDA canvas I use at work. I was the dude at the Bay Area meetup last year with the Fox Orange TKL with the 150g speed silvers.

I’m at electrical engineer at my day job; I have a lot of experience with low power embedded systems and biosensors, mostly in the wearables and IoT space. I’m currently working on my own keyboard, partly to put something out to community, and partly just to do as a fun project. I’m leveraging my background in electronics to add some new features which I don’t think have really been done in a keyboard before. Right now it looks like this lol, and it will probably go through several prototypes and iterations (maybe a numpad or macropad first?) before it is something I am comfortable releasing.

I’m always happy to give people advice or help, be it on circuits or PCB layout for a keyboard, or any other electronics they might be working on. I would also be interested in working on a joint project with someone if it was the right one. If anyone wants to hang out and talk keyboards in the Bay Area hit me up!

Hello fellow Bay Area enthusiast!

Thanks man! See you at the next meetup

Will definitely be there :slight_smile:

Nice, another PCB expert! Keebtalk has PCB design thread, so that might be a good find people for your joint project.


Hey, thanks for the tip!

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