Hi, I'm Edasaur


I’m a relatively new keyboard enthusiast. I actually don’t remember exactly what piqued my interest in keyboards, but at some point or another, I came across the K-type GB on MassDrop and thought, “Wow this looks neat!” and joined the GB without really understanding anything about keyboards.

Between then and now, I’ve slowly discovered various things that I do and don’t like, and more recently, I have been quite interested in building/modding boards. I personally don’t have any experience (and also no tools), but I have been watching various streams and vods of keyboard modding (love watching those @TaehaTypes streams) and I hope to get into it soon (thought it might have to wait until I move to my next apartment since my current one is so dusty :frowning:).

Anyways, I’ll probably mostly be lurking, gleaning tidbits of information, but will occasionally pop up with random questions here and there. Nice to meet y’all :smiley:

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Hi Edasaur! Welcome to Keebtalk :slight_smile: Hopefully we can answer any random questions you have.

What kinds of modding/building are you looking forward to doing in the future?

Well for one, I still need to replace my noisy stabilizers on my K-Type haha. Not sure how I wasn’t bothered by the rattle before, but after using my Anne Pro 2 for a while, I notice it a lot more now.

I also got in on the Zephyr R2, and am waiting for the Kyuu GB, so hopefully those will be builds I’ll be doing in the future

It’s funny that you should say you weren’t bothered by the sound before - I used to love my Cherry MX reds on my first board until I read they were scratchy, then I couldn’t put that out of my mind. I think that goes with a lot of things in this hobby. A lot of opinion is thrown around which makes for great dialogue, but it may not necessarily line up with what you like or don’t like. The fun part is trying stuff out for yourself and forming your own opinion.

Welcome to the community and have fun exploring!

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