Hi, I'm f5runner



It’s been 3 years since I got my first mechanical keyboard. I come from Hong Kong, and had been lurking on the forums for a while. Since I am really bumped out about having missed so many GB’s so I decided to hopefully re-run some myself.

What’s else? I’ve been a programmer for my whole career, PHP and Vue for the most part (yes, not very glamorous), so keyboard is something very essential to me as much as mattress is to everybody - 8 hours of usage a day. Right now my daily driver is a Niz 87 30g capacitative keyboard, which was surprising to say, feels better for preventing carpal tunnel.

Future plan is to get in touch with more manu to re-run some once great GB, code a website, world domination, etc. The usual. Thanks and happy typing :slight_smile:


Hi Runner!
Welcome on Keebtalk!

If you ever re-run a GMK Taro group buy, I’m in haha


Sorry, all my caps are PBT, and I only wanna run something I want myself. The F62 on IC for instance.