Hi, I'm finally trying to be more involved in the community

Dad: Hi finally trying to be more involved in the community, I’m Dad.

Hi, I’ve been pretty much a lurker outside of sharing one or two pics of my HHKB or Novatouch on /r/mechanicalkeyboards, as well as a few purchases on /r/mechmarket. I have a handful of very expensive hobbies, and keyboards happens to be one of them.

I got started in keyboards mainly because I got an old iMac working, but didn’t have a keyboard to go with it. I started with a Razer Blackwidow (which I outgrew quickly) and then a KBParadise v60 (which I also outgrew quickly). Currently, I own the following: HHKB, Novatouch, tokyo60, and a VE.A clone. I have yet to do a soldered build, though, so I’ve been planning one out as of recently!

Hope to be more involved!


You should share your first solder build experience with the community. It’s always inspirational to see other people dipping their toes into something new.

Is that a mixed metaphor?

Anyway, good to have you out of the lurking waters :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind for my first build. Just gotta find a case I like first. Hopefully after that, I can jump into desoldering my VE.A clone. If/when that happens, I’ll document that, too.

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Thanks for the introduction! If you’re worried about this being a really expensive hobby, keep well off of Geekhack; I can’t tell you how many more things I’ve been interested in just looking through the GB thread than if I hadn’t. Thankfully, following ICs can help you decide whether or not you want it over a longer period of time.

I’m already past worrying about price–I’ve already dropped close to $500 on my Novatouch :,)

The Wonderland GB is likely to go live soon, so that’ll probably be the first really nice MX group buy I’ll be jumping onto.

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Hmmm, Norbatouch case, BKE domes, & keycaps?
Novatouch is such a great platform to splurge on :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything’s correct except the case. I also included the cost of getting the board, which was like $225 iirc. I really want a Norbatouch case though… the GBs were running when I had way less extra money lying around.

I put the stock domes back in, but I feel like I wanna go back to BKE soon since I currently have SA Carbon on it and it felt more… “right,” for the lack of a better term.

Which BKE domes did you get? I was thinking of getting some BKE Heavies for my FC980C.

I got the heavies. The heavies are cool, but I think if I were to buy BKE domes for the first time again, I would go with lights, but it really depends on what weightings you use currently.

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Most of my switches are either 67g or 78g. I currently have the stock domes in my FC980C, but I’d like to go up to heavies if I could. If you decide to go lighter, I might just buy those Heavies if you’re selling.