Hi, I'm gMit

Hello all!

My real name is Ben but I go by gMit. Living in Australia in the same great city where RAMA Works is based.

Been into mechanical keyboards for a while with my first board being a KBD75.
Currently rocking a DZ60 with zilents to use in the office. I have a Rama Koyu and Jane v2 CE on the way which I’m stocked about.

You’ll find me mostly on the Daily Clack and ANZ Discord servers.
I am currently running a IC for a set called GMK Gilded. It’s posted over at GeekHack and hoping to post it here in the coming days. I’d appreciate your time and any feedback you have.

All the best,
gMit (Ben)

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hi dude, u are welcome

Welcome, my same first also, although still love and use it. Epic stuff on the way too, enjoy! :slight_smile: