Hi, I'm Ibexlord

I’m a network admin from southern germany, casually collecting some boards and loving QMK.

I bought a filco, ISO-DE with MX browns 5 years ago and was quite happy.
Until two years ago, when i stumbled upon some discussion on ergo clears on deskthority and geekhack.
So i bought some 62g springs, superlube and an old cherry board with mx clears and got a cheap soldering iron and pump from my dad.
And while changing the switches i decided to get my first custom keyset, which was taihao miami.
And when i finished modding that board it felt like a revelation, so goood. :smile:

Since then i did change my layout for ISO-DE to ANSI-international and not looking back.
That filco did get a hasu controller (the pegasus hoof) for QMK, but since i use ANSI now i have no use for it, so i have it to my girlfriend which rocks it in the office.

I currently own, orded by date of first put together:

  • Filco Majestouch with 62g ErgoClears, OG Cherry Doubleshot, Pegasus Hoof (lended to gf)
  • A white Poker2 with MX Browns which i can’t use because it’s not programmable and i own nicer stuff, but can’t sell cause noone in germany wants to buy ANSI keyboards.
  • Sentraq S60X with gateron browns (my first custom, lended of to a coworker)
  • IBM Model M DE-ISO
  • Mechmini V1 with lubed gateron blacks on alphas and gateron yellows on mods with EnjoyPBT Valentine, sporting my only artisan a Skullchulu in purple/green
  • XD60 with MOD-Ms in a grey KBD5 degree on a brass plate from mekansik with GMK 9009
  • Planck from Massdrop with Mattias Quiet Click and Taihao White on Black (couldn’t handle the included ultra thin caps)
  • Katana60 with Aliaz 67g, unbuilt cause i cant handle that layout.
  • ALPS64 with cream dampened ALPS and keycaps from harvested from an AEK2, sadly it was de-ISO and the entire alphas are shifted by 0.25U so had had to improvise with the mods
  • ACR60 with Kalih Box Jades in a Sentraq Acrylic-case with SA Oblivion
  • S60x in a low profile acrylic case with gateron blacks on alphas and gateron yellows on mods, which i can’t use because i hate how it feels on the steel plate.
  • DZ60 with 67g zealios on alphas and gateron yellows on mods in an orange kbd 5 degree case mounted on a keyclack pvd coated brass plate with black on grey PBT ‘gentlemen’
  • An lubed novatouch with bke light domes, bke extreme on the spacebar, connected to an HASU USB2USB Converter with GMK LED ZEP

I do love QMK, topclack, keebtown, EnjoyPBT, lubed tactile switches, heavier spacebars that make a ‘thomb’ sound.

Currently in for:
Chiwi60, GMK Phantom, TR60, Createboard 60% Wood Case Padauk

Hyped for:
EnjoyPBT Slate, ALF DC60, Koob’s Pandora60

Wow, sounds like you have quite the variety of boards!

It is nice to see someone that has a selection of different boards and switches. A lot of times I see people with tons of boards and not much variance in switches or layouts. (I sort-of count myself in that as I usually stick with clicky switches though I do enjoy my German G80-1800 in qwertz ISO layout and mx blacks)

Koob’s 60% looks very good and Slate should be very nice.

Yeah thanks. i see it as a journey and want my boards to have some different character to them, although i’m pretty much preferring 60% and tactile switches. :slight_smile:

Hi brexitlord, welcome :raising_hand_man:

I’m came from ISO-de not ISO-uk. :smiley: