Hi im ickyphuz

my name is Hannes and i have a bit of an input device fetish ^^
It all started for me around 2011 with an article about the glorious IBM Model M which i got afterwards ( and still have to this day ). the journey then brought me to the nopoo choc mini with MX Blues, which i really liked from the layout but it was pretty light and had a cheep’ish feel to me also the Blues got a lot of hate from my girlfriend back in the day. I then switched to the HHKB which did not really grew on me maybe because of the black lettering on the black keyboard which is also the reason it looks so cool :slight_smile: but it was really hard for typing complex passwords. After some time i got some problems with my hand from typing on my laptop a lot and decided to go for an ergodox infinity with vintage blacks which helped a lot with my hand but is also not what i really enjoy. Last year i bought a 80% Hyperx with Cherry Reds and i love it. The board was cheap, it’s heavy and i sound dampened it a bit with foam in the casing and silicon rings on the keycaps. I hope in the future i can get my hand on a rama works keyboard and make it sound as epic like the lubed vintage blacks i love from Taeha Types (thats also how i found about this place here) :smiley:

Happy 2020 to all of you!


Welcome to Keebtalk and happy 2020!

Any particular Rama Works board you’re looking to get in the future? A 60%? TKL? 65%?

A great case with lubed linears can be a great experience for anyone :smiley:

thanks for the welcome,
for rama works – not really a preference, i check their stuff sometimes on twitter and it looks like perfect craftsmanship.
maybe rama is just the keyword for me for a really minimalistic metal case. I also checked out the bauer keyboard and it has kind of the same spirit to me but i don’t follow all this drops and releases and the moment i think “well i guess i pull the trigger on that board” – it’s like 2 years sold out xD :). Layout related i think due to my work habits i don’t want to go below a 65% keyboard anymore. i’ll try out the HHKB with a different keyset, maybe i use it more often then. Meanwhile i wait for my Aliexpress PBT keyset for now and try out lubing the cherry reds, kind of like them.