Hi, I'm James

Hello! My name is James; I’m from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I’m relatively new to the keyboard enthusiast community. I learned to type as a youngster on my parents’ IBM Model M and have always found the sound of the keys to be tranquilizing :slight_smile:

After not thinking much of keyboards through the early part of my professional career, I’ve been using a Das Professional S with Cherry MX Blues exclusively at work for the past 5 years or so. I have had a passing interest in 60% and ortho layouts but have never soldered my own board. After talking with some HHKB owners and reading some posts here and watching some videos, I decided to take the Topre plunge and bought a Leopold F660C with no regrets.

Happy to have found this community; I’m excited to either start with modding stock boards or perhaps build my own from PCB up.


Howdy James and Welcome!

It’s great to see you are happy with your FC660C, but have you considered going down the path of topre modifications? :wink:


Hey James, welcome !

Topre + modifications is a really nice path but pretty expensive :slight_smile:

Have fun !

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Hello fellow Yinzer & welcome to KT! :sunglasses: The 660C is a pretty great board even just at stock. The only issue I had with mine out of the box was the horrible stabilizer rattle, but that was easily fixed with some lube thankfully. Take a look around the site though. You’ll find many different types of builds, a ton of tips & tricks for building/modding any type of mechanical KB, interest checks for upcoming group buys, group buy announcements, just general discussion about all of that, etc. It’s really a great site with great people here, easily my favorite haunt for MKB related stuff. Anyways hope to see you around here in the future & be sure to post what builds & mods you get up to on your boards!


Hello James, welcome! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
It’s amazing to have your own build from PCB up.

Have fun!