Hi, I'm Janglad

Figured I should make a post too :slight_smile:

Hi I’m /u/janglad! I joined the hobby over a year ago now like many of us did with a Poker II. Things started escalating from there and before I knew it I was trading GMK and SA sets wayyyy too much on mechmarket. :grin:

For some reason I started to learn CAD software, wich ended up being super valuable down the road. I started offering renders to the community and also used them to expirement with new set/boards ideas of my own. Then all of the sudden I had the idea of doing a 9009 rerun, since I just couldn’t get my hands on a set. So me Dixiemech, Mykeyboard, KP and Zfrontier worked together and organised the record selling 9009 R2 (over 1500 total kits sold, almost 800 base kits!).

This kinda got me into the whole “organising GBs” thing, so the ball started rolling there. Now me and @heroyjenkins launched Modern M0110 a couple of days ago after a year of working on it, I’m in the process of setting up my own bussiness just for keyboards and I’ve got a lot of projects in the background I can’t wait to show you guys (both boards and sets)! :wink:

If you’re interested you can always follow me at https://www.instagram.com/janglad_/ or check out my (WIP) website https://clavier.xyz!

I must say I’m starting to like Keebtalk more and more every day! I’m hoping that with some tweaking it can really grow big! :smiley:


This guys renders are :ok_hand:

Give him money.

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Hey Janglad, thanks for the Mono renders :smile:

This guy makes some seriously nice renders!

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So happy to see you here!

Man, that modern 0110 with a cerakote finish is really nice. Good work on it! I’ll likely be ordering mine once I’m back in the States from my honeymoon on Wednesday.