Hi, I'm KebinPls!

My name actually is Kevin, but after some friends started saying “Kebin” rather than Kevin with a pls at the end for some laughs, it became my name on most forums, reddit, etc.

Been on GH and r/MK for some time and stumbled upon this place!

Super excited to see what keebtalk is about!



LOL, my friends had a similar type nickname for me back in the day! My buddy wrote my name with a ton of extra O’s on the back of a seat in our school bus & I ended up getting in trouble for it. After that those involved called me Rooooob for the longest time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Anyways welcome to the site man! :metal:

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KebinPls don’t go, we aren’t a toxic community I promise! :wink: