Hi, I'm keybai. :)

Hi all,

I’m keybai. I love mechanical keyboards: I collect them, I build them, I collect artisans, and I make artisans. I’ve been into mechs for about 5 years, but only really got serious about collecting and building them a couple of years ago, and I started making artisan keycaps around the end of 2016.

I’m looking forward to engaging with you mech-heads. I’m new here, so I’ll refrain from plugging my goods too hard, but you can find me in the usual places in addition to Keebtalk.

Stay clacky!
<3 keybai


Welcome welcome! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thanks! Good to see you! :wave:

welcome! any photos of artisans you’ve made? I don’t use artisans myself so I don’t really keep up with them, but I do enjoy seeing what people come up with.

Thanks, E. I love how your IG is so consistently updated with renders.

For now I’ll link my IG with my keyboards, my work, as well as the work of other makers: https://www.instagram.com/keybaicaps/?hl=en

I hope to get a “Making artisan kecaps” thread going here soon.


That’s a great idea! And welcome, welcome.

Hey, Chris! :wave: Thanks!

and followed :smiley: