Hi, I'm Mattia

Hi I’m Mattia

I’ve pretty much just been lurking r/mk and gh for like 6 years now, but this community seems fun, so why not.

I’ve done a a handful of builds in the past, but primary am using my yas62 build everyday at my software dev job. Here’s a poor attempt at an artsy pic of it.

[SKB case, Yas62 pcb, Zealios v2 67g, GMK Olivia R1]

It’s the perfect layout for me, which is why I’ve recently been designing a replacement pcb. (I could barely find a Yas62 the first time) It’s mostly complete, but I have no idea if it’ll work because I have so little electrical engineering knowledge and have been holding off on getting prototypes made since the world is currently broken.


Hello Mattia and welcome to Keebtalk!

Wow, another one of us Rare GMK Olivia R1 club members :slight_smile:
That’s a great board with a pretty interesting layout. How do you like the Yas62 layout with the arrows there?

Is your right <2 your fn key?

Lovin’ the SKB case by the way, I’m a big fan of mine. Which angle nubbin’ do you have yours set at?

Hopefully we can see your progress on this PCB as I think there might be others interested in trying this layout out!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I love the arrows! I don’t get the obsession with hiding them behind a function layer. Like I understand most people are probably using vim keybindings, but I just prefer them being right there I guess.

The layout I’m using doesn’t actually match up with the caps. I usually use macOS, but have to use a Windows machine for work, so it changes regularly. Here’s a link to a KLE with the layout with the “Windows” layout on the bottom, but basically, caps lock is FN, <2 is super (literally never use it), and the modifiers are in a weird layout that I like.

The case is set at the lowest nubbin’ cuz I find the higher the angle, the more it bothers my rsi.

Also would you happen to know if @yasintahir is going forth with rev 2 of the yas? I haven’t seen anything about it in months, but also don’t want to step on their toes if it’s still happening.

Glad to see another SKB yas62 in the wild. I love mine but the PCB got fried somehow a month or so into using it - I would love to be able to find another Yas62 PCB out there.

I’ve been terrified of frying it too! All winter, if I ever had some static electricity in me when I got back to my desk and started typing it would reset the pcb. That’s like half the reason why I want a replacement.


wow that’s pretty bad… I hope the upcoming version isn’t as poorly designed.

Hmmmm. Do you think its the nature of the SKB case that makes the pcb inside susceptible to static shock? Or is that typically just an issue with the PCB design? I do not know enough about electronics to know this kind of thing. Getting a replacement yas62 PCB would be a bit redundant if its just as susceptible to being fried…

I have a suspicion that it might be the case. It’s all metal with metal stand offs and no insulation. I’ll take a look inside later and see if I can come to any conclusions.

Could be a bit of both, the case can affect susceptibility, but it is not hard to accommodate and design the PCB properly with protection.


Welcome to keen talk btw. That’s a pretty slick looking board.

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Welcome! That’s a beautiful YAS62. I’ve never used one but for me it seems to be the best 60% layout. I, too, am awaiting @yasintahir’s next iteration and the case to go with it. I noodled on this general class of layout (60%, but with arrows) and rationale a bit over in my post and in the linked KLE layout. I’d love to see more like this, and can’t wait to get in on round 2.

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Hi Mattia and welcome. Enjoy your time here.
Yas62 is also my favourite layout and I hope to be able to build a mechanical keyboard with it.
GMK Olivia R1 is also really cool.

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I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I’m just doing it here since a lot of people in the thread seemed to be intrigued about the yas62. PlastikSchnittstelle seems to be doing a round 2 of the skb cases (now named Heavy Metal Keyboard I think). I’m not 100% certain, but it seems like they’re including yas pcb’s again.

Here’s the website link. I just impulsed bought one to have as a backup.

Seems like he resolved the shorting issues people were mentioning here as he specifically points out how isolated the case is on the front page.

Quick warning: The finish they used on R1 was kinda shitty and would scratch pretty easy, he seems to be using a new process, so this might not be an issue, but just a heads up.

That might be fine, but it’s not exactly the best way to do it either. A google search just found me this, there’s a lot of good info in there, but slide nine shows how it probably should be connected, with capacitors from the mounting holes to signal ground.

Wouldn’t that solution be impossible for a case manufacturer to implement though? For universal cases like this, they don’t have control over pcb design.

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Yeah, I guess in that case there isn’t much to be done, but it sucks that the case designer has to work around poor design of the PCB. The mounting hole on the PCB are generally plated, and proper grounding is easy to implement even on a universal PCB.

Were you able to get an extra Yas62 PCB? I do not see that option on the GB page :frowning:

Sorry I took so long to respond (and really sorry I keep bumping this thread, feel free to close or lock it at this point lol)

I believe I am getting a yas pcb. The faq on gh mentioned he had extras and it seems the discord set up for the group buy corroborated this.

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Of interest to some of the commentors here, as I mentioned on the other thread, there’s a new YAS-62 discord (perhaps we need a separate YAS-62 thread?)


Heck yes - thanks for the heads up.