Hi, I'm Orrnnery

Hey guys, I’m Orrnnery. I’m your typical college student who is taking a break from college and trying to figure out what I want to do with my future.
My interests include playing guitar(bass, acoustic, and electric), video games, anime, keyboards and artisans and going to Disney.

I was first introduced into this hobby by friend of mine who showed me a brand-spanking-new fc660c, which I immediately fell in love with.
At the time I was rocking a Razer Ornata with their so called ‘mecha-membrane’ hybrid switches. LOL
Now, I’m running a Norbaforce Mark II Ghost of Christmas Future Edition modded with BKE ultralights silenced and lubed with 205g0. Oh how the turn tables

As for the future, I’m looking into designing keysets and maybe even starting a keyboard related podcast of my own. Just not too sure where to start or who to talk to about this!

I’m definitely more of a sound driven keeb enthusiast in search of that perfect ‘thocc-iness’. I try to find the thocc-iest switches/builds I can find so if you have any recommendations please hit me up!

Other than that, I work part-time at Disneyland which I enjoy every minute of AND earn to pay for this hobby in the mean time while I figure life out. ^

Can’t wait for what the future has in store for this community and what I can contribute to it! Thanks for listening to this ted talk.


Hello and welcome ! I also a like topre switches and I’m chasing the most silent topre I can get, currently now my HHKB Type S lubed with 205.

I have experimented with FC660c/980c , Novatouch and also Norbatouch and Heavy 6 cases, with stock / novatouch sliders , lube and BKE domes Ultralights and Lights in all kind of variations.

The most thocky board from them all is the FC980c, stock domes, with novatouch sliders, silenced and with dev tty mt3 keycaps : https://photos.app.goo.gl/36VdzyVLCXaLbLeXA

With BKE domes starts to be too loud for my tastes :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community!

What’s next in your keyboard adventure?

Any pics of your Norbaforce?

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Fc660c is doodoo

Jk welcome to community @Orrnnery

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hey thats awesome! I haven’t had my try of mt3 caps, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some

courtesy of @norbauer !


realforce better? :b

thanks brody


Welcome to the community @Orrnnery! Sounds like you’re off to a good start on your board collection. As for looking for that perfect thocky sound IME/IMO Topre really is the pinnacle of typing sounds, but in the MX realm some nice properly lubed linears with an opaque top seem to be my favorite sound signature so far. I was on the Holy panda train for a while, but now for whatever crazy reason my tastes are doing a 360 & light linear switches have been my go to recently.

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I feel it, man. I think I’m gonna stick to topre for a bit and then slowly find the best sounding linear as time goes on. But in your opinion, what is the best sounding linear switch in terms of thocky sounds?

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In terms of just sound hands down for it would be a Cherry MX linear (stem color don’t matter, black housings) lubed with something heavier like GPL205G0 or GPL107. Although unfortunately they do not feel all that great IME. With the exceptions of really good vintage blacks & retooled blacks from the first few batches Cherry MX linears tend to be pretty scratchy even after lube. I should also mention NKxKahil Creams have an awesome sound a lot of people really like & are better feel wise than most Cherry MX linears. I kinda agree with them, but have yet to build a full board with Creams so I can’t say that’s my stance on them for sure yet.