Hi, I'm Peioris! I like to play with laser

Hi all! I’m a mech keyboard enthusiast from the Philippines. I’m new to this site but I’ve been on Reddit and Discord for a while now.

I’ve been in this hobby for a year and a half but I’ve only been through half a dozen keyboard. Logitech G710+, Tecware Phantom, and RK61 in order of purchase. After the RK61, I started making custom keyboards.

I’ve made a few custom keyboards for myself and some people but I only have this to share. This is the Vinta, my first build with an on-board controller. Obviously, inspired by the Canoe and the Kayak. Laser cut acrylic, sandwich mount, and with my signature screw-less look.

The files for the Vinta case and PCB are available here. I’ll be doing a GB later this year (around May) if you can wait that long.

Right now, I have a lot of stuff I’m working on for this year. Split Atreus, Alice-like keyboard, split staggered 60%, and I’m trying to learn how to use LED drivers to level up my PCB designs.

Looking forward to learn a lot from this forum and its members!


Really interested on how you managed the screw-less look. My only gripe with sandwich boards is that the screws are visible either on the top, bottom, or both.


The Vinta is a nice looking board and I really love the screw-less look! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: