Hi, I'm Techfresh

Hi everyone, I’m Nick (aka Techfresh / Techfresh14) and I like mechanical keyboards.

I’ve tried to get away from keyboards and spent the last 6 months in isolation - focusing on family and work. However, I recently crept back with the intention of thinning my collection, but surprise surprise, ended up joining a few buys. FOMO hit hard again.

I’m going to try to be a bit more balanced in my hobby this time around, at least thats the hope.

I love the mission behind this new keebtalk community. I’ll do my best to be an advocate and productive member. Hope to see you all at a meetup in the near future.




Welcome back! We should probably have some kind of support group to help each other not spend so much on so many things :sweat_smile:

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Welcome back, Tech. Your friendly presence has been missed.

Thank you all for the warm welcome! Glad to be back, I’m having fun catching up on old news.

Welcome to keebtalk! Love to see you posting and active again!