HI, I'm The Pokemon kid (Admin over at MKUK)

Hi All,

I am Mat or The Pokemon Kid. I am one of the admins over at Mechanical Keyboards UK.

Been into keyboards for a number of years and I am now one of the people organising the UK meetups. We have a meetup coming soon so checkout the meetup section on here as I will be posting updates!

Just thought I would say hello before starting the spamming!


Looking forward to it! Need to build something fancy now…

Hi Mat! Looking forward to the next meetup, it’s going to be amazing.

Me and you both! I intend on winning ‘best in show’!

the organiser can’t win ‘best in show’… conflict of interests there - especially if you are judging :wink:

You need your Pokemon avatar back :smiley:

If I am judging it makes it even easier… :wink:


Perfect. Thank you.

Hey Mat! I can’t wait until the meetup now, I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it here in Birmingham!



Oh no, your here… Im out. Back to geeksplat or whatever it was called…