Hi I'm Tinster4x4! 👋

I’ve been a long time lurker of this community making small comment here and there. I never felt like I should be post my scuffed keyboard built when I first started out. But after a couple of purchases, DYI built, and modding under my belt I feel like an introduction was in order.

My favorite layout is currently and still remains 1800. It’s a solid blend between form and function given my day job. However, I’ve recently dabble in Alice/arisu layout and that has been an experience.

I started this journey probs back in 2018 with my first mechanical keyboard – Fnatic Streak Mini. I quickly out grew that and settled into a Melody96 since I didn’t want the trouble of soldering/desoldering. Long and short I started acquiring more boards and gotten more comfortable with soldering SMD, mill-max sockets, and microcontrollers. You can always find me in the PDXKBC (PNW keyboard community) discord server…likely enabling people to lighten their wallets.

My daily driver currently is a Rekt1800 with MT3 3277. My most recent purchases includes a yellow :yellow_circle: leopold FC980M (3rd one) and Av3.

Leopold FC980M with AKKO maccaw

Av3 with stainless steel riser, stainless plate with BoW MT3


Hello fellow Oregonian! :fox_face:

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That yellow Leopold case looks really good with the Akko caps!

Welcome! Nice to see a fellow 1800 user :smiley:

Nice I love the yellow FC980m :fire: it came out great with the blue plate!

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Hello and welcome! Super pretty boards! I really do love that 96% layout.

Welcome! Looks like you got a nice start going to your collection there! Really like the Av3 with MT3 BoW!

These are only a handful of my favorites. Im sitting on 11 keebs at this point :joy:

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Glad to have you here - and those are some stylish keebs! I can’t pick a favorite.

I never really liked yellow until I saw it on a keeb… now I’m looking for a local cerakote outfit to do one of mine.

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@Dave and I’ve been tracking these yellow LeoGold for a while now. They got restocked on MK and sold out same day. I just really like how vibrant of a yellow look in person. Also, Leopold is no slouch with their in house keycaps – 1.6mm double shot PBT (in safe storage).


Welcome, Tinster!

Those are some good looking boards. Have you considered a heavy-9 in aperture? I think it would look :chefkiss: with the akko macaw caps. :grin:

yellow 980M T_T it’s one of those boards i dont really need but sticks in your brain as “i want to have this board and be done with that build”

I had this pre-ordered back in April and MK just restocked silent cherry. I think Dave had it on pre-ordered for longer. If you really want one you’ll just need to check back like once every couple of week…it’s rough.

I would just keep and eye on on this link: Incoming Keyboards and Accessories

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Nice boards and welcome!

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good picture ,wow , Like