Hi, I'm Wander


I’m Wander, and I have a budding keyboard problem. For years I have been clacking away at a Unicomp Classic (Model M), annoying people at the other end of teleconferences.
Two years ago I switched from working from home to visiting customers again, and my laptop keyboard just wasn’t cutting it, so I brought an Anne Pro 2 with Gateron blues, and was fairly happy with it.
Now, wanting something a bit less firmware-wonky than that I’ve ordered a Massdrop Alt with Halo True switches, and a set of MT3 /dev/tty keycaps to go for that old-school feel.
While waiting for my new toys to arrive I’m playing around with QMK, setting up a keymap and lightning the way I like it (customized, and mostly off except for ESC and HJKL).


Welcome here! Sounds like you’re on a journey to finding the perfect board. Now that you’re on QMK you’ve got a lot of possibilities. Good luck!

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Welcome to the site @wander! You’ve come to the right place to learn more about the different boards & switches available, also many people here who are QMK wizards so you’ll be able to learn all kinds of crazy QMK tricks here too! Hope to see you around in the future!

Welcome @wander !

I think you’ll find you fit right in here