Hi! I'm Zyrophr



My name is William, aka Zyrophr! I’m a french computer science student based in Paris.
In my spare time I program or play rhythm games, but my main hobbies are keyboards and gunpla figures.

Here is my current keyboard collection:

  • Tina-C | Gateron Yellows
  • CTRL | Halo Trues
  • Happy Hacking Keyboard Japanese Edition | Topre
  • Keycool 84 2S | Gateron Blues
  • Corsair STRAFE RGB | MX Silent Reds

As of today I haven’t build any of them. The Tina was built by kbdfans, and every other keebs are pre-built.
So yeah, I’m kinda knew to the hobby, but I do have some knowledge (just a bit).

I must say I’m more of a lurker, but this website actually gave me a chatty vibe!

As for my next keyboard? I’m going to build, all by myself, a 65%, which should ship pretty soon now!
Those are the specs I’m planning:

  • Tealios v2 | Lubed 205g0
  • Zeal’s Mount Screw-in Stabilizers V2 | Lubed 205g0
  • Space65 | Silver Top & Bottom | Dark blue and brass badge | Carbon fiber plate
  • EnjoyPBT Hiragana Sushi or Enjoypbt Kuro Shiro

I really don’t know which keyset to chose, I would have loved to go GMK but those are so expensive!
I’m also a bit stressed, because this will be my first build ever, first lubing, first soldering, so I am really afraid of messing up something or burning my PCB.

I must admit I was hopping to find a little bit of help here uwu

Thank you for reading all of this, and I hope I will discover more things about this niche hobby and meet nice new people!



Hello fellow Frenchie :smiley:
I just did my first build this weekend so I don’t know if I have the experience to provide you with some serious help.
However : I’m also in Paris (5ème) so feel free to ask if you need any of the equipment needed to start your build ; I have a brand new TS80 soldering iron (it rocks), solder sucker, solder wick, some left over lube (Trybosis 3204 for my healios and permatex for my ZealPC screw-in stabs).

I see that your keebs are in QWERTY, was it hard to switch from AZERTY? I’m slowly trying to switch but it ain’t easy…

See you around !


The Space65 will be a great board to build! Welcome here and be sure to share your build once it’s complete!


Oh my god, I’m from that district too! What a small world we live in!
Well, thanks for proposing your help! I will maybe come to you (and this community) if I need anything!
As for the tools, I should be okay, I’m gonna order some stuff on amazon for like, 30euros, so it’s ok, and I have a friend from America who just sent me a switch opener and some 205g0.

But I admit I’m a bit curious about your build!
We could talk on Discord! You will find my username in my bio, if needed.

And switching from Azerty to Qwerty was a must for me, I couldn’t stand azerty anymore (the last update of the layout just made me sick), but it was not that hard, for me at least. I even changed my school laptop to qwerty. The only key is to type, a lot. I’ve done a lot of typing test to train :wink:

Yeah, I’m so hyped! It’s so frustrating to wait all those groupbuys and stuff haha
I’ll definitely share it, if I don’t burn everything tho uwu

Thanks guys~