Hi! I'm Zyrophr


My name is William, aka Zyrophr! I’m a french computer science student based in Paris.
In my spare time I program or play rhythm games, but my main hobbies are keyboards and gunpla figures.

Here is my current keyboard collection:

  • Tina-C | Gateron Yellows
  • CTRL | Halo Trues
  • Happy Hacking Keyboard Japanese Edition | Topre
  • Keycool 84 2S | Gateron Blues
  • Corsair STRAFE RGB | MX Silent Reds

As of today I haven’t build any of them. The Tina was built by kbdfans, and every other keebs are pre-built.
So yeah, I’m kinda knew to the hobby, but I do have some knowledge (just a bit).

I must say I’m more of a lurker, but this website actually gave me a chatty vibe!

As for my next keyboard? I’m going to build, all by myself, a 65%, which should ship pretty soon now!
Those are the specs I’m planning:

  • Tealios v2 | Lubed 205g0
  • Zeal’s Mount Screw-in Stabilizers V2 | Lubed 205g0
  • Space65 | Silver Top & Bottom | Dark blue and brass badge | Carbon fiber plate
  • EnjoyPBT Hiragana Sushi or Enjoypbt Kuro Shiro

I really don’t know which keyset to chose, I would have loved to go GMK but those are so expensive!
I’m also a bit stressed, because this will be my first build ever, first lubing, first soldering, so I am really afraid of messing up something or burning my PCB.

I must admit I was hopping to find a little bit of help here uwu

Thank you for reading all of this, and I hope I will discover more things about this niche hobby and meet nice new people!



Hello fellow Frenchie :smiley:
I just did my first build this weekend so I don’t know if I have the experience to provide you with some serious help.
However : I’m also in Paris (5ème) so feel free to ask if you need any of the equipment needed to start your build ; I have a brand new TS80 soldering iron (it rocks), solder sucker, solder wick, some left over lube (Trybosis 3204 for my healios and permatex for my ZealPC screw-in stabs).

I see that your keebs are in QWERTY, was it hard to switch from AZERTY? I’m slowly trying to switch but it ain’t easy…

See you around !

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The Space65 will be a great board to build! Welcome here and be sure to share your build once it’s complete!

Oh my god, I’m from that district too! What a small world we live in!
Well, thanks for proposing your help! I will maybe come to you (and this community) if I need anything!
As for the tools, I should be okay, I’m gonna order some stuff on amazon for like, 30euros, so it’s ok, and I have a friend from America who just sent me a switch opener and some 205g0.

But I admit I’m a bit curious about your build!
We could talk on Discord! You will find my username in my bio, if needed.

And switching from Azerty to Qwerty was a must for me, I couldn’t stand azerty anymore (the last update of the layout just made me sick), but it was not that hard, for me at least. I even changed my school laptop to qwerty. The only key is to type, a lot. I’ve done a lot of typing test to train :wink:

Yeah, I’m so hyped! It’s so frustrating to wait all those groupbuys and stuff haha
I’ll definitely share it, if I don’t burn everything tho uwu

Thanks guys~

Log update:

Today I started lubing my Tealios! Tried not to put to much lube, but still a bit of thickness since I like when it’s s m o o t h
I may have overlubed the top housing (or even everything, but I clearly noticed it on the top housing), but imo that’s not a problem since it just silences the bottom out of the switch uwu (too bad it’s not very visible on the last picture, but it’s actually whiter than it should be, since the housing should be completely transparent)

I’ve done like 20 out of 80.

Oh by the way, I’m not too sure if I lube to much or not, since I don’t know if, when I use crytox 205g0, I should still have some whitish stains (a bit thick) or if it should be so light that it would be invisible…

Anyway, it’s kinda fun!

Oh you also lube the top housing? I’m not too sure it’s absolutely necessary if you lube the stem well enough.

Anyaway ; enjoy the most tedious (and therapeutic) part of your build :grin:

Lubing the top housing just make the switch even more silent, so it’s not necessary, but I’m fine with it!