Hi KeebTalk! I'm Xeryn

Hello everyone! I’m Anthony (go by Xeryn on most of platforms and games).

I’m a software engineer based in Canada and I’ve been a huge admirer of the hobby for the last 2-3 years. I started out with some pre built boards such as WASD and Varmilo and eventually dove into customs earlier this year. This hobby has grown on me so much that I’ve helped a couple friends build their first custom mechs!

Random things I like for my keebs:

  • I generally prefer tactiles but enjoy a heavier linear
  • Hoping to get into silents, trying keep it quiet at the office.
  • Love southpaw boards (wish there was more)
  • Current fave layout are TKL

Excited to meet more fellow keyboard enthusiast and share some beautiful builds.


Greetings and welcome! Glad to have you here.

I love me some silent switches, and these days there are plenty of good ones available.


Thank you! I have some Gazzew Bobas coming so I’m excited to try those

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Welcome! I feel like silent linears are just going to gradually take over.

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imo silent tactiles are nice and have their uses but good linears like tealios or inks are just better than their silent variants, and lubed and filmed with lots of foam don’t even make that much noise


So, continuing our fun digression from welcoming Xeryn and with the qualification that this rant is pure opinion…

I feel like it’s basically the difference between having shoes with wood (clicky) or leather bottoms and maybe a rubber sole (dampened regular switches) vs. full rubber-bottomed sneakers (silent switches).

Some like the style and even enjoy the clack clack or bit of soft tapping a good pair of boots makes when you walk, no doubt. Still, I feel most people prefer super quiet, softer sneakers for practical daily use.

Particularly if you work in a shared space, stream, join video calls, make music, etc. then very quiet switches are more practical even than a well dampened plate full of lubed, filmed, regular linear switches.


I would modify the analogy, I would liken regular switches to the mass market rubber bottom sneakers/boots, and the silent switches to my slippers I’m wearing right now, which are fully cotton on the bottom. I can walk completely silently with them, but they are kind of specialty and I only wear them in the house when it’s cold.

Anecdotally I have been using regular switches in plenty of work boards over the years and if it is somewhat dampened no one really seems to mind. I work in an open office; the guy next to me uses whatever that thin apple key board is, and the guy behind me has a really clacky rubber dome, and mine is the quietest of the three. Likewise, the only time it ever really comes though on a call is when I put my mic right next to the keyboard and mash on it.

It probably doesn’t help that there aren’t any silent linears that are as good as say tealios or inks (at least that I’ve tried), but I like also like a little bit of clack, so even if one did come along I doubt I would switch.


Welcome! I share your preference for TKLs

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Sounds like I need to find a good shoe/switch for every occasion!

It could also be my colleagues that may be more sensitive to the clack of my current board (I tend to have a heavier hand when typing), I’ll see how the silents go but I definitely love the clack when I am at home.

I agree that linears can be quiet enough when modded! I’m actually going to try out some Gateron Ink Blacks (lubed/filmed) while I wait for my silents to come in.

I do enjoy that soft topre like sound with silents (only heard on videos, never tried in person) so I figured I would give them a shot.