Hi there!

Hi everyone, I’m Infantius. I’m relatively new in this hobby and I hope I can build my first keyboard soon.

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What’s the first keyboard you plan on building? Have anything in your sights just yet?

I want to build something similar to the CA66 but I’m not sure yet. Also, I want to use some Kailh Box Navy and the GMK Metropolis.

Welcome to the site!

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Hey, that sounds like a great build, I just want to warn you that Kailh BOX Switches (even retooled) have been reported to crack and stretch keycap stems, especially ABS keycaps like GMK.

I have yet to find a confirmed case of retooled box switches causing damage. One possible report ended up being a case of a vendor selling old stock post retooled production.

Oh, really? And there’re any alternatives to the Box Navy. I really want a switch super clicky.

If you are concerned, there is a non box version of the navy switch that is near identical.

The Speed Navy right? Do you recommend lube them?


I never bothered to lube a click bar switch (I only have box versions); I don’t know if the difference would be noticeable over the tactility of the click.

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Ok, thank you!!

And thank you all for your responses!!!

I’m Matt and I have really been loving the community so far. I rather new to the hobby, but am really eager to build my first custom one day. Just messing around on a gmmk with outemu skies atm. Cheers.

Hi, do you like those switches? How does they feel?

I think they are a big upgrade from the browns I had. I think the springs in the browns were slightly light, so I often accidentally hit keys quite often, but I do that less with the skies. I also like the larger tactile bump for sure. My only gripe is that there seems to be more wobble due to the housing and stem having some play.