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Hi there, I’m profanum429 and I’ve been around the mech keys community for a few years now, since late 2015 or so.

When I was in college in early-mid 2000s I always wanted a HHKB since I loved the layout of the board (I was used to Sun systems from lab work) but I couldn’t afford it so I had a HHKB Lite until around late 2010/early 2011 when I bought a Razer mechanical board with blue switches. I had that all the way until I finally was able to buy my HHKB Pro2 Type-S in 2015 :smiley:

Since then I’ve changed boards a few numbers of times, going from the Type-S to a MX HHKB layout from Winkeyless, a Viper V2, Novatouch with R1 Norbauer Case and a few others to my current setup of a HHKB Pro1 for work, and at home a LZ CLS-h for my MX fix and a Norbaforce WKL with HiPro goodness.

I’m also a big fan of motorcycles and have a couple of fun Ducatis, because I love things that aren’t reliable apparently :slight_smile:


Now what you need is BKE domes for your Topre boards.
Welcome to Keebtalk, as always.

Welcome here!

I’ve more recently fallen in love with the hhkb layout but have yet to try topre. Rumour has it that rev 3 is around the corner so maybe my first experience will be with the new version.

I did the BKE route with the Novatouch for a little bit but they were almost too tactile for me it seemed, haha. Of course those were the original ones, I’ve not gotten to try out the ultra lights so those might be better for me…

I’ve also heard about the Pro3 and it will be interesting to see what they do with it. I will say I like topre in most of the forms I’ve tried; the 45g in my HHKB is great and the original variable in this 86u was nice to type on but I ended up switching to 55g for the HiPro caps since they just felt a bit odd on the variable sheet.

I am a bit non-exotic in my switch choices though, I could be happy with Topre and retooled MX Blacks for the rest of my boards :smiley:

lmao, after learning on a 70s bike, all I ride for these days is modern reliability a la Honda. Although I won’t lie… the Monster 696 really tickles my fancy :smiley:

Glad to see you here on the forums!

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