HIBI.mx and Rama Drama

Master of the understatements apparently :smiley:


Honestly I think there should be muuuuuuuch less focus on the personal issues of this (not saying that Keebtalk has talked that much about it, but I’ve seen other places rabble about more unnecessary and personal details) and moreso on the business and design implications. For example;

Hibi being impeded by DCMA requests;

and the questions of future RAMA PCBs since he’s no longer working with RAMA. Will products still in development/production advertised with Wilba PCBs still have wilba PCBs? Without an announcment from RAMA in terms of future PCBs, we’re kinda in the dark. Many people want thermals and thermal+s exclusively with the Wilba PCB. If they don’t receive it with a Wilba PCB, that’s kinda false advertising :man_shrugging:


I think it’s these issues that we really need to think about and follow closely on how all parties proceed.


This is all I care about :grinning:


I’m quite glad I got some Rama keeb before all this drama … assuming that hopefully the U80 SEQ2 board I ordered will turn out okay.


youtube best of reddit channels have conditioned me for the juicy drama tho


Worth emphasizing that in the new listing for the Rama Works M65-C, VIA is listed as Open Source

And also KATE keycaps are now called CAPS


I’ve been away from this hobby for a bit and I am kind of bummed to read this news.


All else aside for the moment, there’s something about the recent naming conventions that I’m not the biggest fan of. It hits me like a mix of unassuming simplicity and outright pretentiousness.

Oh these? They’re just CAPS in JARS. You know - the CAPS in the JARS.

IDK - just reminds me a little of the parts of “design school” culture I’ve never gotten along with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit for clarity: it’s my own interpretation; not necessarily what I think the designer is getting at. No shade intended towards Rama - if anything I mention it because it stands out amongst just how well he tends to strike that balance.


The “but better” is indeed the crucial and difficult part of the Dieter Rams philosophy.

editing to add:

Rama usually gets this right and I’ve always really loved a lot of what they have produced even if it was something that I wouldn’t personally use. It’s always sad when “the band” breaks up but especially so when it is contentious as what could be a process of growth turns into an impediment for everyone. Here’s to hoping everyone involved can get back to putting beautiful things out into the world sooner rather than later.


Personally I’ve never understood the hate that tends to pop up on Rama’s ig posts for his non-keeb projects; like the post with the bats had at least one person going “wtf is this, you should be working on a board” and that’s just unnecessary. Like I get where items like that can come from, sometimes I just see a design or something assembled a certain way and it just sticks in my head until I go throw a mockup together with it or otherwise just throw time at it. Rama seems to take it a little further than I do, probably something to do with an attention span and memory actually existing that I don’t have.


Well wasn’t Rama making products before they started making keyboards?

I’m new to the keeb space and just found out about this drama. Just a question regarding Kate’s HIBI page/ own bran - how was she able to build a following so quick which seemed like 2-3 months ago. Was she already active in some communities? Curious to know how she was able to bounce back so quick and start a new brand after leaving Rama.

I’m guessing she already had working relationships with vendors and influencers from her time at RAMAWORKS.

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It’s too bad the attention span wasn’t focused on QA/QC. Everything having to do with Jules was a highlight of shitshow-quality attention to detail with a 100% preventable clusterfuck being the result.

Still love rama’s aesthetic and design- if he is getting out of the game I wouldn’t blame him because that shit never stops.

Calling all popcorn enjoyers. Please pop more popcorn!



The match that lit the torch was from a few days ago;




Bruh, that dude RAMA is pretty pathetic a moose knuckle. This is just sad. What part of suing your ex sounded like a good idea? I mean even if he wins, he’s still that guy who sued his ex.


C + P from my reddit post:

Sad to see that RAMA is pretty much out of the game, as nobody wants to buy from them now. However, I do feel kinda bad for that guy, even if he was a huge jerk. I agree with what is said, but don’t want to add to the fire. Poor rama.

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