Higher-pitched switches

Anybody know some higher pitched switches in the mid-low price range? I was curious on trying something a bit different and want to see if I like the sound profile in general.


I’d consider myself far from an expert on the entire landscape of switches available right now, but TTC Wilds are good linears that I saw a lot of people knock as being high pitched when reviews came out. Personally I think they sound great but they’re definitely more of a “clack” than a “thock”.


Those Meow Claw v2’s are super clacky. Almost to a fault. Cheap too.

No need to film and lubing is totally optional. The springs come prelubed and enough of it gets on the stem pole so there’s no spring crunch.



Wow, these look surprisingly good. I’ll have to try some of these myself.

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Don’t know if they qualify as high pitch and medium priced, but I consider Gateron Ink Yellows and Box pink(probably black to) to have a pleasant klack.
(lube with 203g0 or 204g0 / 3203 or 3204)


Based on pitch alone I’d put NK Silks in the discussion as well. I specifically had the yellows but they remain one of the higher-pitched switches that I’ve ever tried. The stock lube is an oil but you can deepen their tone if you use a thicker lube like 205g0.


I’d say anything that’s JWK and not full nylon would be higher pitch and very smooth.

Also, as @Laughmaster mentioned, TTC switches. TTC wild or Ace switches are very solid switches with a higher/clackier sound signature.

Another smooth and clack switch is the KTT strawberry. Although it’s a bit lower pitched than the TTCs


aeboard raeds have a pretty unique high pitched clack due to the long stem


Okay, here’s what I can conclude so far:

TTC wilds: I tried them in person and really wasn’t a fan of them.

Meow Claw V2: They only have 4 in stock? I would love to buy some if anyone has any spares.

Gat Ink Yellows/Box Pink: Too expensive :frowning:

NK silks: Seems okay, but price is a bit higher than what I’m looking for

KTT strawberry: Will have to check out.

Raeds: Can’t find anywhere and pretty pricey lol

I do. DM me if interested.


As mentioned JWK switches with PC tops would do the trick. JWICK’s are their factory branded (and direct to market) switch which are plenty smooth and very clacky.

At twice the price (still a moderately cheap switch though), but a great clack monster switch nonetheless, SP Star Meteor White.


check mechs and co - i think its around $22 for 33
edit:im wrong check ashkeebs or salvun, ashkeebs got the better price tho.

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Try dcs keycaps on pretty much any switch - dcs are thin keycaps, and as a result they sound very high pitched.


I’m lazily messing around with switches on my desk this evening, and these PME Tecsee Carrots are pretty high pitched.

Careful when tuning those, though - the PME is fairly brittle.

I see. Might have read from somewhere that the legs broke off… Wasn’t that your post?

Will have to see if I can get my hands on some :slight_smile:

I haven’t had the legs break off, but I did have one of the clips crack a bit. It hasn’t actually fallen all the way off but some amount of the plastic has given-way.

I will say - I tried a Matrix / Bluish White stem in one this evening and it’s quite nice.

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