Hiya all!

Been lurking here for a few months now. Pretty much since I saw that WASD TKL on Silicon Valley, I had to know what kind of keyboard that was and I knew I had to have one.

Fast forward a few months browsing here and r/mk, drooling over expensive customs and agonizing over which switch to choose, I finally decided to pull the trigger and get my first mech keyboard!

It’s an ISO Vortex Race3 with Cherry MX Blues, and I’m very happy with it.

Few things I noticed:

  • it’s loud as FUCK! Much louder than I expected from that one MX Blue switch I tried on a tester I got from Kbdfans. I love it, as I’m definitely a clicky switch type of guy, but I hope my coworkers are not gonna want to kill me. They haven’t said anything yet, but it’s only been a day. Might have to take it home and get another one for the office with tactile switches, or maybe get some O-rings for it :confused:

  • the ISO enter is not DSA profile, seems to be DCS, it kind of sticks out and it bugs me.

  • some keys seem to sit slightly higher/lower than the rest. not sure if the keycap stems are of uneven length, or it’s the switches themselves. has anybody experienced anything similar?

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Welcome Juusu! You won’t be the first person to use work as a justification for a 2nd keyboard. That’s how it starts for a lot of us.

You may try pushing the higher caps down harder to see if they just didn’t go all the way down the stem.

Enjoy your new hobby!

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