Hiya, I'm Ryu!

What’s going on everyone, I’m Ryu! I’ve been apart of the community for about 3 years now and I’m a big artisan fan. You’ve probably seen me around on /r/ArtisanMacro or on the /r/MK Discord under the same username! I’m a huge black and red fan even though my favorite color is forest green. I currently have a M65-A as my daily driver and my Tric80 as my artisan display board! I have a ZZ96 r3 still being made (hopefully) from the GB and a black on black with red plate Dolinger being shipped from Korea atm!



“huge black and red fan”

-notices your black and red artisan collection




How’s it going!?

To show the power of flex tape, Ryu’s artisan collection sawed my net worth in half.

EDIT: get it because flex

EDIT 2: that’s a lot of damage

welcome!!! :fox_face:

Hey nice to see you on here my dude! I can definitely attest to his love for red and black. That artisan collection is something serious and it only gets better the next time you see it.