Hockey grip mod

So most of you will of heard of the Band-aid mod. This is same idea but using hockey tape which is actually a little thinner in most cases.

It gives less of a slapping sound I have found compared to the band aid mod.

However here is a short video comparing no tape to this hockey tape

You can get the tape pretty cheap too from here:

Also who can resist some freedom tape! MERICAAAA


Ugh. Tried to edit accidentally deleted, oops.

This is really smart; I generally use gaffers tape for stabs (works great with screw in since it’s not conductive), but hockey tape is considerably cheaper!

Its really nice too. Once you have cut it to fit between the stabs it doesnt matter how wide it is, You can push the stabs down and then use a scalpel to trim the sides.

I have been typing on this for the last few hours now after making the board and it is significantly quieter!